About Mottive inc

Mottive inc. is a women owned small business that presents a range of unique minimalist jewelry handmade in Brooklyn, New York.

Our work is about creating unique pieces with the least impact on the earth and its residents - every piece is made using recycled or ethically sourced metals, reusing pearls and stones when possible, ensuring an ethical and sustainable process from sourcing to packaging.

Each piece is imagined and created for the wearer using ethically and sustainably sourced materials.

All Mottive creations are bespoke, every ring, bracelet, necklace and earring soldered, filed and polished specifically for the beholder.


carbon offsetting

Reducing waste and minimizing our carbon output is primordial at Mottive inc. - every piece is made by hand in a renewable energy powered studio, using a minimal amount of electricity and gas.

recycled + ethically sourced materials

All sterling and fine silver, wire and sheet used to make Mottive jewelry pieces are made from 100% recycled silver, manufactured by suppliers all over the world.

Solid gold is made with a combination of recycled metals and sustainably and ethically mined pure gold

all silver and gold scraps are recycled for reuse so there is zero wastage of precious materials

the pearls are repurposed from string necklaces and the opals are sourced from ethical and sustainable mines


The aim for Mottive.inc packaging is for it to be reusable, recyclable, recycled and ethically produced - you can reuse your organza bags to store jewelry or precious possessions, craft paper boxes to send or offer gifts to loved ones.